Porsche 911
The classic models (1964-1989) 
including Turbo and 912

This all-new Ultimate Buyers' Guide is a one-stop reference for all the classic production 911s built from 1964 to 1989, describing the design differences, year by year changes (and there were many!), vehicle identification data, performance, colours and options. Using colour photography throughout, we suggest what to look for when choosing and buying a used example.

This is the largest-ever Ultimate Buyers’ Guide, with a brand new presentation and a thickness of over half an inch! There are 176 pages packed with information and 251 photographs, with colour throughout.

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From its introduction in late 1964, the Porsche 911 has become an icon among thoroughbred sports cars. The classic models, built until the end of the 1989 model year, represent the purest of the type and are coveted by enthusiasts across the world. The early 911s have become collectors' items and today command the highest prices. Meanwhile, and thanks to far-sighted bodyshell protection, the later models can offer a reliable, everyday classic.

Peter Morgan is one of the world's leading Porsche experts and this book uses data gathered from factory records, research data and hundreds of actual cars to produce a valuable reference for anybody who owns or is thinking of owning one of these classic models.


  • Timeline
  • Facts, figures & performance tables
  • The Classic 911 story
  • Birth of an institution - the early 911s
  • The 2.7 911s and Carrera 3
  • 911SC sets a new standard
  • Carrera 3.2
  • 911Turbo
  • Familiarisation and detail
  • Buying
  • Appendices
  • App 1: Production data
  • App2:Colours, schemes and options
About the author: Peter Morgan has a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and trained in the automotive industry. He has written for publication since his teens and became Technical Editor of Porsche Post (the magazine of the Porsche Club Great Britain) in 1981. He was Editor from 1991 to 1994. His first Porsche book, Porsche 911 -- Purchase and DIY Restoration was published in 1987. To date, he has written 20 titles on all aspects of Porsche, including racing, and his books have been translated into seven languages.

He is a professional journalist, a member of the Guild of Motoring Writers and contributes to mainstream motoring magazines worldwide. He offers a personal, independent pre-purchase consultancy for Porsche drivers (www.petermorgan.org.uk)

Author’s introduction: I've been working on 'Classic 911s' for over a year and each time I thought I had the right formula for the book, I discovered some new piece of information I felt had to be included!

You never stop learning about older 911s, and that's most of the fun. There's a huge surge of interest in the classic models today as everybody wants a piece of the air-cooled legend. I hope this glovebox sized guide should help you identify and find the right car.

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